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This new addition to the Decot line of fine shooting glasses is made to the same high standards as its predecessors. The wrap design will provide the high fit needed for shooting as well as provide a closer form fit to the face. The narrow lens design will still allow for proper ventilation and help reduce fogging often associated with the wrap design.

  • Sizes: 64-Standard, 68 Extra Large

    All Completes include frame, one pair of lenses, protective case, side shields, microfiber lens cleaning cloth and spray cleaner.

    Unless specifically stated or optioned at the time of sale, the lenses will be made of CR39 plastic. Polycarbonate, Trivex and Hi-Index materials are available at additional cost.

  • ColorMag lenses come standard with Polycarbonate lenses.

    Visit our Lenses page for additional lenses.

    Size: Revel 64 Revel 68
    Color: Black Silver

    Plano ($140.00)
    Rx Single Vision ($220.00)
    Rx Bifocal ($255.00)
    Rx Trifocal ($295.00)
    Rx Progressive ($355.00)

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